The Frontier Network (TFN) is a group of leading Japanese corporations working innovatively on sustainability strategy.

About the Frontier Network

The Frontier Network (TFN) is a network of leading companies that have a keen focus on global sustainability agenda and are proactively engaged in sustainable value creation.

The constraints of sustainability challenges are increasingly impacting businesses, and it is now essential that sustainability and ESG are embedded as an integral part of corporate management. The Frontier Network (TFN) started in 2003 as a network of leading companies that have a clear-eyed focus on the changing landscape of environmental and social constraints and are proactively engaged in sustainable value creation.
TFN offers member companies workshops, lectures, and other types of sessions each month, through which member companies can engage in continuous and proactive knowledge development by gathering information and taking part in discussions and knowledge exchanges.
Furthermore, TFN organizes annual “Global Study Tour,” where members have a chance to exchange views with leading companies from around the world, international and national government organizations, experts, research institutions and global NGOs to explore the “Why’s” behind the latest global trends.

Our Activities

We run a range of industry-leading activities for Japanese companies, continuously exploring various topics in order to pursue solutions and impact in the fields of sustainability.

Three main objectives of our activities:

  1. To analyze the changing situation of our world and hold direct dialogues with key global players
  2. To share ideas and hold thorough discussions among companies representing diverse industries
  3. To support the sustainability and ESG strategy planning of our member companies

TFN Members

  • AGC
  • Asahi
  • 中外製薬
  • いすゞ自動車株式会社
  • KAO
  • 三菱商事
  • NTTドコモ
  • パナソニック株式会社
  • 竹中工務店


Managed by:

E-Square Inc.

A consulting firm supporting the creation of a more sustainable society through the provision of corporate sustainability and ESG management advisory services.

Welcome to TFN
末吉 竹二郎

Takejiro Sueyoshi

Special Advisor to UNEP-FI, Representative of Japan Climate Initiative, Chairperson of WWF Japan. Japan’s leading expert in business and climate change.


Theme for this year's activities (FY2022)

Corporate Management in Transition

society is required. Businesses are also required to change their course drastically towards sustainability and be a driver of this transformation.

The international community agreed on a series of goals to build a sustainable society including the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve these goals, companies must reimagine the future of business and be significant actors in the global effort. Our theme for the year, “corporate management in transition,” reflects this.

The business environment surrounding companies is rapidly and tangibly changing. Sustainability disclosures are becoming mainstream in capital markets. Companies are required to aim for carbon neutrality to tackle climate crisis. Biodiversity and human rights are also important considerations to factor in. Every company must be aware of the need to understand, and disclose, the impact of its own operations on the environment and society. We will run a series of activities that focus on these topics throughout the year.

Messages from Experts

Messages from the world's leading experts who provide critical insights for TFN.

  • Michael Braungart

    Professor, Leuphana University Lüneburg; Founder, Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency (EPEA)

  • John Elkington

    Founder & Chief Pollinator, Volans

  • Mark Gough

    CEO, Capitals Coalition

  • Ashok Khosla

    Chairman, Development Alternatives Group

  • John Morrison

    Chief Executive, Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB)

  • Sally Uren

    CEO, Forum for the Future

  • Andrew Winston

    Founder, Winston Eco-Strategies



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    E-Square Inc., which manages and operates The Frontier Network, is a Japanese consulting firm supporting the creation of a more sustainable society through the provision of corporate sustainability and ESG management advisory services.

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